10 Things to Consider When Deciding to Repaint your Denham Springs Home

Painting your home can be a difficult decision to make. You want it to look its best, but you also don’t want to waste money repainting every year. You must consider these ten things to consider before repainting your home so that you get the most bang for your buck!

Is your home in need of repairs, such as paint chipping off and broken windows?

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Before you buy the first can of paint, you have to assess your home to see if any repairs need to be done first.

If repairs are needed before repainting your home in Denham Springs, try and do those repairs yourself or hire home improvement professionals, so it doesn’t cost too much!

Is it time for new siding? New shutters? If not, then repainting your home might not be worth what you’re paying because it’s just going on top of old layers. It’s important to ask these questions before starting any big project like painting; otherwise, you could end up wasting money by repainting soon.

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How much paint will you need for the job?

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You’ll need to know how many gallons of paint you will need for repainting your home. If you’re repainting the exterior, it’s often a good idea to do the wood siding first and then go back over with a second coat after painting other sections.

Strip the siding down to bare wood before applying a new coat of paint. This will protect the wood, and repainting should last much longer.

If you’re repainting your interior, make sure to do a thorough inventory of what needs to be repainted so that you don’t find yourself running out halfway through the project. 

It’s also essential to take into account any new furniture or accessories that have been added.

Calculators, such as the one on the Sherwin Williams website can give you an estimate on the number of square feet your house is to help calculate how much paint you would need.

If possible, try not to mix too many brands or types of paints while repainting because this may affect how well they cover each section when applied–especially if there are darker colors mixed in with lighter ones! It also makes cleanup more difficult, which could lead to even more frustration than anticipated before.

It is also vital to ensure no windows are open when repainting with oil-based paint as fumes from this type of paint could be harmful to those inside if inhaled too often over short periods.

Once you’ve finished repainting, allow ample time for drying before grouting floors (especially if using an epoxy) or applying furniture back into any rooms painted–otherwise, it will just scratch everywhere! 

How much time and money do you have to invest in the project?

Painting your home can be a tedious and time-consuming project, especially if it’s a large job.

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Do you have the patience to take on a new project? Or are your repainting plans more of an impulse decision, in which case repainting will not be worth it because there’s always another house for sale that doesn’t need repainting?

Before deciding to repaint your home, make sure you have enough money set aside so that you can finish your project without any interruptions. If you repaint your house but cannot finish it for some reason or the other, repainting will be difficult because you’ll have difficulty matching the paint colors you’ve already applied.

Painting does take considerable effort—it’s important to ask these questions before starting to save yourself from unnecessary work later.

Do I need professional painting services, or will I be able to paint myself?

If repainting your home won’t be a drain on your budget, it’s time to decide whether you’ll be doing the painting or if you will be hiring a professional to take care of the job for you.

It’s best to hire a professional for your painting project for several reasons:

  • they will be able to use the most up-to-date painting techniques,
  • you won’t need to purchase paint, drop cloths, or other supplies because these are included in their services, and
  • if anything goes wrong there is someone who can address it.

While repainting yourself may seem like an attractive option because of its low cost, it also has significant drawbacks that you shouldn’t overlook—you’ll have no one but yourself to blame when mistakes happen. 

You end up having to repaint everything. Again!

What mood are you trying to create by painting your home a new color?

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Believe it or not, the color paint that you choose has a significant impact on the mood that is created in your home. If you want a calming and relaxing room, try using light colors (like green) or muted tones with an earthy feel.

For something more cheerful and playful, go for bright primary colors like yellow or reds mixed. For a splash of joyfulness, use pastels!

The mood can also be affected by the color variation throughout rooms—if there are too many grays, it will make someone depressed, but if there’s enough variety, it creates depth within the space.

Therefore, repainting your home should not only focus on choosing one paint color; this choice may have been made when initially purchasing furniture, so it’s best to consider which type of mood you’d prefer before you start painting.

What colors are you considering painting the walls – light or dark shades?

When painting walls, remember that colors, such as beige and browns, are not complementary colors. They often create a dull mood that will make your space seem smaller than it is. 

So if you’re repainting the walls of a room with these types of color shades, then I recommend repainting them in complementary colors like yellow or green to add life into th

e room and provide contrast from all the other neutral tones present within the space.”

“Consider what type of mood you want before deciding on paint color,” said Alexia Montoya-Lopez, an interior designer living in New York City. She specializes in residential design, including painting spaces. “That’s why it’s so important to have variety when repainting – this way; there can be something for anyone.”

Dark walls can be a good idea if you want to create the illusion of more space, but they can also make your home feel smaller and closed in.

You can spruce things up by painting an accent wall with a bright color, repainting the trim in white, or adding new molding.

Is there a specific area of your home that needs more attention than others (i.e., kitchen, living room)?

Believe it or not, you can repaint high-traffic areas every two years instead of painting the entire house every five.

Consider repainting only the interior walls and ceilings of a room that gets lots of foot traffic, like your kitchen or living room. This can extend the life of other parts of your paint job by three to four years!

How does foot traffic impact paint?

It would be best to repainted high-traffic areas more often than non-high-traffic areas because they are exposed to dirt, dust, and grime, which will further wear down on their fresh coat.

Children are notorious for spilling food and drinks on walls, window sills, and other painted surfaces in a house. They can also put their dirty hands on walls and other surfaces.

A good rule of thumb is to repaint children’s rooms every year to 18 months and repaint high-traffic areas every three years.

If you have pets, repaint your kitchen and living rooms once a year to keep the dirt from accumulating in those high-traffic areas while still giving other rooms a breather between being painted.

Do you want to paint all walls or just one wall at a time?

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Depending on the time you have to invest in your project, you may have to decide whether you’re going to paint all the walls or just one wall at a time.

If you want to repaint your walls but don’t have the time or energy, then it may be worth hiring a professional painter for this job.

If you lack experience in painting and need more instruction on repainting a wall within specific guidelines, consult with professionals before repainting your home.

Badly painted surfaces can lead to peeling paint down the road, which will cause damage not only to your newly painted walls but also other parts of your house, such as floors that were never part of the repainting project. If you have friends who know what they’re doing when it comes to repainting, seek their advice first!

If you have a two-story home, consider painting one floor at a time. You may find it beneficial to repaint the walls one color while you’re waiting for your paint to dry on the other floor.

If you have a two-time-a-week painting schedule, try using water-based paints that are easier to clean up and do not require as much time between coats.

It’s crucial when repainting interior rooms of your home that you repaint ceilings per their height. Ceilings should be painted at least six feet tall if they contain recessed lighting or nine feet tall without them (unless this is too high). If you don’t know how high your ceiling is, consult with an expert before starting any work!

When packing away household items like furniture and art pieces during repainting, try to reposition them as close as possible to their original position.

For a more professional paint job, choose an interior or exterior paint (latex-based) with primer already mixed in for you. It will usually take about one gallon of either type to cover 400 square feet – the most common size room in homes today!

Make sure that your garage door is closed when repainting because it’s easy for drywall and wood surfaces on doors to be splattered with paint from cars driving by during application.

To minimize spills, set up drop cloths at all entrances into the house so you can collect any overspill before it reaches carpets or furniture! You might also want to consider investing in painter’s tape if you’re not experienced in cutting in and painting trim edges.

Will this be an inside-only or outside-only project?

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Are you only painting inside? Are you painting your home’s exterior? Are you staining your deck? Repainting your fence?

All of these are questions that you should ask yourself before you start your project.

Inside and outside repainting is different as you have to consider the exterior paint’s ability to withstand weather conditions such as sun exposure, rain, and snow. If your goal is only to repaint interior walls or ceilings, that would be a more straightforward project. If you plan on repainting both internal and external surfaces, then make sure the type of paint you use is compatible with use in these various environments!

Interior paint for inside, Exterior paint for inside. I know it sounds elementary, but you’d be surprised at the people who think that one color fits all — and that includes some house painters!

Repainting can also mean touching up already painted structures like fences or decks, so consider this before starting any work!

The critical thing here is preparations: are you going to prep the surface? Is it just about painting over something without having done anything else than clean the surface?

If you want to repaint outside of your house, consider repainting fences or other surfaces that are visible from the street.

If you need help, we can help you with that. Some of our most popular services are:

Do you want a fresh new look, or do you want to keep the same theme as before?

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If you’re happy with the vibe that your home gives, then you probably will end up going with the same colors and theme as before. But if you want a fresh new look, repainting might be the answer!

If you decide to go with a new color scheme, it is vital to ensure that your repaint colors will go well with the other colors in the house.

If painting over a darker color, you’ll likely want to apply primer as your first coat to keep the

If repainting over a lighter color, you can use an off-white primer to avoid creating too much contrast with your new colors and make it easier for the paint to adhere.

It’s important to consider how much time and money repainting will cost before deciding if this is what you want or not.

You can also repaint a room without repainting the whole house: pick one or two rooms and repaint them from their original color scheme into an entirely new one!

Suppose you decide to remain conservative and repaint your home with the same color. In that case, it’s essential to consider whether repainting is a good idea: If your home has been repainted recently and the paint looks fresh, then you probably don’t need to repaint it.

Are there any rooms that will be difficult to repaint, like kitchens with many appliances and bathrooms with lots of tile?

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Painting is so much more than picking up a brush or a paint roller. Like other home projects, plenty of work has to happen before repainting to ensure that you get the best results.

  • Keep in mind what paint or primer is being used and how it will interact with your home’s structure, fixtures, window frames, etc.
  • It might be good to remove all the furniture from rooms if they have them not to damage any surfaces underneath while repainting.
  • Remove all light fixtures, outlet covers, and other attachments to your walls to save yourself from scraping paint drips off with a putty knife when the job is done.
  • If your ceiling has water stains from a leak, consider replacing the damaged sheetrock before you start painting the room (after you fix the leak, of course).
  • If there are specific areas of your home (i.e., kitchen) where dirt quickly accumulates, then you’ll want to put down plastic or old sheets on the floor first for protection when repainting these parts of the house next time around.

Bathrooms will likely require more a bit more elbow grease before applying new paint. You’ll probably want to replace the caulk around tubs and sink edges, cover fixtures with painter’s tape, and cover the floor with a plastic drop cloth.

You’ll want to take care of other items in your home such as light switches, doorknobs or handles (these can be repainted too), window sills, and frame moldings before you start repainting the walls.

Old paint on these surfaces will only get rubbed off later when they are touched by new coats of paint once applied, so it’s best to clean them up first.

You may also need to remove the wallpaper if this is what was previously used for decoration reasons.

Still, you should consult your local hardware store about how much preparation ahead of time is needed beforehand since many different types require different levels of prep work depending on whether they have been painted before.

Before you get started, you may want to read our list of 7 mistakes you don’t want to make when painting your bedroom.

Hire a Professional Painter in Denham Springs, LA

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