How Repainting Your Home Increases Its Curb Appeal

how painting home increases curb appeal

Did you know that repainting your home’s exterior can increase its curb appeal and the value of your home? This is because the appearance of a home can impact how much potential buyers are willing to pay for it.

Professional studies have shown that homes with painted exteriors perform better in the real estate market than those that do not.

This post will explain how repainting a home’s exterior improves its curb appeal and how it can increase the value of your property.

Next, it will tell areas that you can focus on to improve your home’s curb appeal.

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Why does repainting your home increase its curb appeal?

When you repaint your home’s exterior, you replace the old paint with a fresh coat in any color of your choice. This helps to remove damage and discoloration that happens over time.

Does repainting your home increase its value?

Of course, it does! But don’t take my word on it, here is some data to back me up:

A survey conducted by HomeGain in 2012 found that repainting your home will give you a 51%-55% return on investment. After surveying 900 real estate agents, the results were identical, with 53% of people reporting an ROI between 50 to 55%.

A recent study by consumer reports further confirmed that sentiment, claiming that making improvements on your home’s exterior, especially by painting it, can boost the value of your home by 2 to 5%.

Finally, Jennie Norris. The International Association of Home Staging Professionals Chairwoman stated that “[Painting] is the least expensive investment for the biggest return.

So now that you know how painting your home’s exterior can help you increase its value let’s talk about the relationship between curb appeal to value.

How Curb Appeal Affects Home Value

Curb appeal can significantly impact the value of a home, which is why it’s essential to focus on improving this aspect of your property.

What kind of impression does your home’s curb appeal make on the world?

  • A well-maintained home – Paint is one of the first things people notice when they see a home. It’s our way to express who we are and what kind of care we take in maintaining it – so if paint around your house looks faded, chipped, or peeling, then your neighbors might think you’re slacking off with upkeep inside as well!
  • A modern home – The exterior walls are the perfect place to showcase a homeowner’s personality, and using colors that match current trends will help communicate this message. Pairing these trendy shades with classic neutrals creates an inviting first impression for visitors while also making clear that the inside home of your home is not stuck in 1984!
  • A historically/architecturally cohesive home – Some towns go to great lengths to preserve the historical integrity of their neighborhoods by requiring exterior paint schemes to conform with traditionally accurate color palettes. You can help restore your home’s former glory even if you don’t live in these areas, thanks to your local store’s catalogs of colors designed around original architecture and periods.
  • A home that turns people on…or turns people off – When it comes to selling your home, choosing the right color could make you a homeowner or close escrow in just weeks. Choosing the wrong color might be closing down any chance of another buyer walking through with their offer and writing up an agreement!

In a recent study, Reader’s Digest looked at 135,000 photos of old houses from around the country to see what kind of impact paint colors made on home sales. They found that homes with smoky black or charcoal accent-colored doors sold for almost $6,300 more than expected, while those painted with bright yellow were worth about $3k less comparatively speaking.

homes with smoky black or charcoal accent colored doors sold for almost 6300 more than expected

So now that we know how and why your home’s exterior affects your home’s value, here is a list of easy ways that you can spruce it up and increase its curb appeal (and value).

Ways that you can increase your home’s curb value by painting

While this list will primarily show you ways that you can paint areas outside of your home, it will also include areas that you can stain and other liquids that you can add (stain, concrete coatings, etc.)

Paint the home’s exterior.

Painting your home’s exterior is the best way to give it an incredible makeover. It will change how people perceive you and improve its curb appeal, making them want to come inside for a closer inspection!

With paint acting as protection against weather-related damage, moisture intrusion which can cause mold or rot in siding materials like wood or stucco; pests such as termites eating away at fiber cement boards; moss and algae growth on brick surfaces that weaken their structural integrity – painting is vital when looking after your property.

If you’re not sure if any of these are possible problems with the material used for cladding around your house, then contact Visionary Custom Painting, who has years of experience doing this kind of thing.

Check out these photos of a recent repainting job we did at a camp in Springfield, LA.



Paint or stain the fence.

Some people tend to overlook the importance of painting or staining your fence, but it is actually quite relevant to giving your home an overall makeover.

You give your home instant curb appeal by painting and combining it with a new design and look! Plus, specific paint types can offer protection against the weather, which prevents rotting to weaker wood and rusting over metal.

If you’d rather hire someone to do the work for you, we’re fence staining and painting experts!

Paint the Siding

Painting your home’s siding is an excellent way of improving its appearance. As well as protecting it from moisture damage, paint can add years to the life of your house and keep it looking good even when you need to put off some renovations (to save money, for example).

This makes such a huge difference, and you’ll be pleased with the result!

Paint the Window and Door Trim

Homeowners often overlook window and door trim. They must be painted to prevent fading, warping, cracking, or peeling. Fading can occur from UV damage if the trim is not painted.

Many stains or oil-based paints can cause cracking due to shrinkage, and peeling occurs when the paint has cured but remains on the surface.

Paint the Shutters

Painting shutters can be a fun project for homeowners. This allows them to express themselves artistically without going overboard. Besides, a lot of people tend to overlook the importance of painting their shutters.

This is usually because they are too busy checking on rotting wood and rusty metal in the house’s exterior. Plus, choosing to paint your shutters will also keep them away from water damage.

paint shutters avoid water damage

Paint soffit and fascia

This area is just as important as the siding, window trim, and shutters. This is because it could easily trap moisture and cause damage to your house’s foundation. It can also serve as a host for termites if these are left unpainted.

The presence of mold is another potential problem often associated with this area, which, if not addressed promptly, can grow into a huge problem. In addition, the paint can prevent rust from spreading in metal parts of your house’s exterior, thereby preventing them from corroding further and becoming weak.

Paint gutters

You may not know this but painting your home’s gutters is one of the easiest ways to increase its curb appeal. Painting the gutters will keep them from rusting and becoming weak. This is important because this is often the area that can cause water damage to your home if you don’t take care of it.

On the other hand, painting serves as protection against this and thereby prevents any delays in completing renovations or even a rehabilitation project for your house’s exterior.

Paint Entry & Garage Doors

Front entries reflect your home’s overall style and personality. However, they also help define how your home appears from the street.

One trick to achieve a new look is painting or staining wood entry doors with high-gloss paint or stain of your choice, or renew a weathered wood door by sealing it and updating the hardware and locks.

Concrete Porch, Sidewalk, Pool Deck Staining

Don’t forget about concrete porches, walkways, and other areas on your house’s exterior. 

Concrete can be a great place to decorate.

Paint a concrete patio or porch floor to match your home’s exterior color scheme. You could also paint the sidewalk in front of your house if it is made from cement.

This is important, especially when you want to create a consistent design throughout your entire property.

If you’d rather hire a professional to take care of your deck staining, we can help you with that!


In this article, we talked about how repainting your home’s exterior can increase its curb appeal. 

I hope you found this helpful!

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